Big Foot Quest

I would say this is one of the harder quests on Panfu and it takes quite a while, so I will split this up into steps that tell you what you can do in a day.

Day One:

Go down to the Caribbean Beach and you will find a yeti lying on the ground, this is big foot. Click on him and he will tell you about how he wants some fish. Somehow you agree to this, so to get the fish you obviously go to the Old Harbour. There will be some sort of Captain sitting near one of the buildings. Click on him and he will tell you that to catch the fish, he needs a fishing rod. The fishing rod can be found by going into the Jungle Cavern and then by going through the middle door. Take the fishing rod back to the Captain, and he will tell you that you need to play a game while he catches a fish. I just played Rapido Snake. After you’ve finished he will give the fish to you if you click on him again. Take this fish back to the yeti and he will tell you how raw fish makes him sick etc. So you have to cook it. Take the fish to the Restaurant in San Franpanfu and click on the Chef. He says he will make fish finger for you if you bring him some oil. The oil can be found at the Beauty Salon which is next to the Restaurant. It is on a table in an olive oil bottle. When you take it back to the chef, he tells you that he will make the fish fingers, but you have to come back tomorrow because he has to make some French fries first.

Day Two:

Return to the Restaurant and the French fries. Take them back to the yeti at the beach. He will eat them and tell you how some bad guy called Bonez is using a giant hairdryer to melt the ice caps where he lives and he asks you to help by turning off the dryer. All you have to do is go to the lifeguard at the pool and he will tell you how he saw Bonez going into the changing rooms but never coming out. Go into the changing rooms and you will see that one of the lockers will be glowing. Obviously, you’re going to click on it, but it says you need a key. Ask the lifeguard at the pool about it, but he says he doesn’t know anything. Go visit Kamaria in the castle (if you don’t know how to get there, check my hints page which should be up son). She will tell you that the key is in her locker, but she needs time to look for it, so come back tomorrow.

Day Three:

Visit Kamaria and get the keys, then go back to the locker room and click on the glowing locker, this time it will open. When you go in, you will see a tunnel. Click on the thing at the end of the tunnel, it look like some sort of odd contraption, but when you look closer, it’s just a lock on the door. So, when you click it, it will zoom in and you will see a puzzle that is missing a piece. Go talk to Kamaria and she will tell you that there are a lot of puzzles in the library. Go to the library (if you don’t where it is, read hints), there will be a puzzle piece on a table. Click on it to equip it. Go back to the tunnel and click on the lock thing again. This time you need to complete the puzzle which is the hard thing. I can’t tell you exactly how to do it, but I have heard that there are videos that show you how on YouTube. But I have some tips:

–          Start working on getting certain pieces to a place where you need to go, I started from left to right on the bottom row and ended with the light bulb.

–          Sometimes, muddling around randomly will help, but you have to be careful to not make it any harder.

–          The little furry thing is the piece on the very right on the bottom row. That confused me for a while.

–          This puzzle took me around 15 minutes which is pretty quick compared to some of the other people who reviewed it, so prepare to get your brain working.

When you get inside the room, click on the door to get out which is on the left of the room. Before you can exit, you will get three questions about Panfu, the third was the only one I was stumped on. Here are the answers:

  1. Bamboo
  2. China
  3. Ailuropoda Melanoleuca

When the door opens, you’ll find yourself on a snowy mountain with a giant pink hairdryer that is attached to a machine. When you click on the machine a puzzle will come up. The puzzle has 4 circles and has letters on it that are separated into little box things and match up with the letters under it. You’ll need to get the highlighted row to spell ‘STOP’ from the top to bottom. It makes the hairdryer turn off. Once it’s off, use the map to transport yourself back to the yeti. He will be delighted that you’ve turned it off, but then he complains about not having any way to get back home. So as usual, you have to do what he asks. He wants to build a raft because the ice thing he came on melt. First he asks for a stick, so go the Pony Yard and there will be a random stick on the ground. Click on it and go back to the yeti. He will then ask for a needle and thread. Go to the lady at the Beauty Salon. She gives you the needle, but says you have to come back tomorrow for the thread. The yeti also needs canvas/material which the lady says she get you as well, but will give you tomorrow.

Day Four:

Visit the beauty salon again and the lady will give you the material. Go back to the yeti and he asks for ice. Go to the Cafe in the Town and throw a water balloon into the bowl like thing at the top of the machine labelled ‘ice’. You will get some ice. Take it to the yeti and he will be overjoyed. He gives you an igloo tree house, I thought it would look identical to the Club Penguin ones, but it doesn’t and it looks really cool.

My Igloo Treehouse

You will get this picture of the family reunion between the yeti’s family, exit and you’ve finished the Big Foot quest!

Make sure you send me pictures of things I don’t have pictures of here, also send me your reviews of the quest.

Zahra xxx


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    Z-master said,

    Nice Igloo I have the same one and the same tiger bolly.But my igloo has a fish tank.

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    nishnashnoo said,


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